Monday, 4 March 2013

Communication and Trust

Okay! This is my own view on Relationship.

We all know the key factors to a good relationship: Communication and Trust which happens to be the most important factors. However, for me and maybe some others Forgiveness, Laughter, Happiness and Fun also helps in a relationship. I'm sure most of you are wondering what I meant by fun, I'll explain that to you in my next few posts.
Before I carry on just want to let you know this is based upon my knowledge and opinion. So Communication, well as you all know communication does play an important role in a relationship without communication there's no foundation. Communication lays the foundation (especially with long distances) which then leads to Trust which is the solid foundation. You need to be able to call each other at least check up on each other. It eases stress and worries. 

Now Trust, trust for me is the most difficult thing in a relationship. You dont just earn trust like that, it takes more than "I love you". Also, trust can take time to build up so whenever you start a relationship dont just expect the other party to give you their trust just like that. 3 or 4 months may not even be enough to earn that trust. You need to know the person you're dealing with and i'll say this it is NOT every girl or guy you meet or have "something or a thing" with that you need to be open with. Girls I understand how we are, we are too loose always ready to give in but you have to learn how to control yourself before one of you gets hurt and you wonder why we end up in that way cause we don't know how to control ourselves. I'm not going to stress on this probably in my next few posts. Back to the matter.

If you've got the patience to wait then this would help if not you should probably learn how to do that first before starting a relationship. So, if the other party tells you something you have to listen to and trust the person even though he/she might be lying (i'll explain).
Or would you rather want someone else come and run it for you? I thought so! Let me now explain, with trust you have to be willing to take the risk of whether or not the other party is lying. If he or she says whatever it is they have to say believe it. I know most you want to know the truth but at the same time that same truth hurts. 

One thing you need to know is that they might lie now but, that shows that he/she has got some respect for you (i'm not saying lying is good but sometimes it proves its worth in a way). For example (mainly for the ladies, may apply to the guys), you hear he cheated on you and when you ask him he denies it. Well for me it could either be two things: He knows it was wrong for him to do that and knows how hurt you would be when you find out and so he won't admit it then because he cares about your feelings or he just doesn't give a dime about you. Besides no one is perfect mistakes are bound to happen. By the way, it is what you give to him/her you get back so be careful on how you treat him/her.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. You just have to give the person time to come clean because eventually the truth will come out sooner or later. Also, don't be to quick to break up when you hear the truth, you need to hear the other party out. Following my previous example, I know that will definitely hurt but there's more to it than just break up and i'm talking from experience. You have to give him a chance to prove himself because when you met this person i'm sure he/she had their past and that may not be easy to let go and so it's going to take time to get that out of the way. The question is have you got the patience to wait??. Help him or her! not saying change them because that's not easy that is something that will happen as you carry on with the person. A lot of people think it's not easy to change someone. Well, in my opinion that's because you have not given them a reason to. Cause when you do, they will change!. Believe me. 

One more advice: Whenever you hear anything about your partner outside don't be quick to judge, defend him/her and when you get back home sort it out. Because i'm sure one of you if not both of you have got haters and they never want to see anything good come out of the relationship. So, if you're too quick to conclude and just end a relationship only to find out it was a lie? well.....YOUR LOSS. So be careful ladies. 

I'm going to talk about Forgiveness, Happiness, Laughter and Fun in my next post so keep reading.

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