Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Forgiveness and Happiness

Okay Forgiveness!. Just before I carry on, this post is more for the ladies.

We all know what forgiveness is?. Forgiveness is not easy at all one needs the gut to do so. Particularly when we (girls) are in this position. I tell you forgiving is not easy especially when we get hurt by guys. Either ways you need to forgive. Life is too short to do pay back or revenge. Never ever do a revenge on anyone whatsoever. Revenge only shows your weakness and you wonder why sometimes in most cases he doesn't give a dime about you? Thats because he knows you still like/love him and he keeps using that as an advantage, he knows you're also hurt and then take you for granted. If you know the relationship is not any good for you? Then move on! We all have to take that step sooner or later but dont wait too long because when you do it's going to be hard.

Happiness! Nothing beats seeing/knowing you're happy with someone. They joy it brings!! A fact: You cant be happy all the time because there are going to be arguments in every relationship and that moment you're not happy. It happens! Thats just something that is inevitable however, try to avoid arguments. You love him/her so why not break the ice and apologise? Rather than "fronting"? That's one thing this our generation have, fronting! (i.e always waiting for the other person to make the move) Quit it! Life is too short to wait for the next person to make the move YOU have to make that move. Thats one thing I learnt, whenever I'm having a quarrel and I can see it's going to lead to a huge argument I most times stop it and just apologise (whether i'm at fault or not) and its not easy I tell you. The thing about this is you all are happy again and that's all that matters.
A lot of people say "if you're not happy with someone why be with them? just break up"! Pause! Hold on to that for a second!. Okay in my opinion based on my knowledge it's true! They are not wrong however it's not in all cases. There's more to this than just break up to be honest! Don't be in a hurry to leave. Have patience and this patience could be months or years depending on the person. You have to consider some things before you make a conclusion such as the persons past, behaviour and yourself. Yes! Yourself because sometimes there might be something you're doing wrong. The persons past, in the sense that like I said in my previous post you probably met the person in a bad state and it's going to take time for the person to adjust/change because sometimes their past always catches up. The question is are you gonna leave because of it or try and work things out?. I believe in change, do you? I believe you should sit down and try and work out your issues and with time everything will be back to normal because, this might be a relationship now which lasts for what? some months? years? BUT marriage is till eternity are you going to tell me you're going to keep filing for divorce to every guy/girl that comes in life because of one problem or the other? your lack of patience? You need to re-consider!. Then if you've done all these and you're still unhappy? Then you can leave.

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