Tuesday, 5 March 2013

For the Guys..

I have decided to make this post about guys in general. Okay guys this is for you lol. This may apply to some of you if not all.

(Warning: You may find this a little harsh but it's just my own opinion and if you've got yours please leave it in the comments. No offence whatsoever. Thanks)

I'm sure you all know how sensitive we girls are? Well incase you don't know we are very sensitive.
You love your girl? yet you don't want to show it? I know some guys in this condition and their reason is "I find it hard to". Really? Thats not really an excuse come on! We girls want to hear how much you love us even if you've said it a million times. Saying it a million and one times wont hurt or will it?. (I'm not saying girls should not reciprocate but there's nothing wrong with you saying it as much as we girls do)

I came across this tweet "Your girlfriend is gorgeous and loyal. Why flirt with other girls? Why cheat? It's like throwing away a diamond, and picking up a rock."

I know guys will still be guys but I just don't really understand why they do this! I mean haven't you
got everything you want in that girl? So why do you choose to cheat? Some base it on sex while some its just greed! Well for me there's more to love than just sex but everyone has their opinion and i'm not gonna talk about sex here. What I think might be the reasons are either well, sex or probably something you are doing wrong or there is something wrong with you that you need to check. With greed, I don't know why guys aren't satisfied with what they have. I mean we girls we try our best to do everything for them but yet they still go out and misbehave. Sooner or later you will realise there's more to this life than this lifestyle some of you are living and let's hope it won't be late for you to realise that.

You know what they say "You don't know what you have until you lose it." She's loyal to you does everything you want, so you guys are telling me you don't still see it?? You're going to wait until that happens and then you go back and start apologising? Why wait? Why don't you just stop and take responsibilities? Because the sooner you understand that you're getting older and all this has to stop? The better!

Another thing, I'm sure you know who your girl is? What she like? What she don't like? But yet some choose to ignore. Well we girls, little things matter. She tells you she doesn't like when you do this or that? But yet you still do it? why? and after, some of you will be complaining "she nagging" "she nags a lot" Hell yeah! she will be nagging! If you don't like it when she "nags" then don't do whatever she don't like. As easy as that. Really there's nothing hard in that. Or don't you want your girl to be happy? or you like it when she nags?

Also, girls this goes to you as well if you don't want your boyfriend to be complaining then don't do the things he don't like! Simple.

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