Thursday, 29 August 2013

A little Trick For the Ladies

Hello Ladies, I am here with a trick that might be useful. Well a friend of mine suggested this and it got me thinking and had my own ideas on this so here it is.

Okay! First of all, we know how guys are! I mean, we do our best and yet they are just not satisfied. Well, this trick of mine is only applicable if you are sure that your man loves and clearly can't do without you even though he makes silly mistakes. (We are human.. it's bound to happen) It may also apply to some of you that have got problems with your man and other girls around him.

Here it is.....

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I'm sure most of you were wondering what I meant by Fun? Sorry to burst your bubble I dont mean sex!

Now Fun, you've got to be creative with this sort of thing. I'm sure no one wants a boring moment in their relationship. So, one of you if not both you have got to think outside the box because all these will leave memories behind.

You've got to be willing to take risks to be able to do things like this. In the sense that, this is probably not the kind of thing you are used to or have ever done before. I'm sure it will work out cause there's more to fun than just sticking around with the basic such as movies, dinner, make out, sex and chilling cause I'm sure you've realised that you need some new things happening in your relationship. If there's fun there's happiness.

Basically what I'm trying to say is dont stick to the same routine every time always have a change cause change is good.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

For the Guys..

I have decided to make this post about guys in general. Okay guys this is for you lol. This may apply to some of you if not all.

(Warning: You may find this a little harsh but it's just my own opinion and if you've got yours please leave it in the comments. No offence whatsoever. Thanks)

I'm sure you all know how sensitive we girls are? Well incase you don't know we are very sensitive.
You love your girl? yet you don't want to show it? I know some guys in this condition and their reason is "I find it hard to". Really? Thats not really an excuse come on! We girls want to hear how much you love us even if you've said it a million times. Saying it a million and one times wont hurt or will it?. (I'm not saying girls should not reciprocate but there's nothing wrong with you saying it as much as we girls do)

Forgiveness and Happiness

Okay Forgiveness!. Just before I carry on, this post is more for the ladies.

We all know what forgiveness is?. Forgiveness is not easy at all one needs the gut to do so. Particularly when we (girls) are in this position. I tell you forgiving is not easy especially when we get hurt by guys. Either ways you need to forgive. Life is too short to do pay back or revenge. Never ever do a revenge on anyone whatsoever. Revenge only shows your weakness and you wonder why sometimes in most cases he doesn't give a dime about you? Thats because he knows you still like/love him and he keeps using that as an advantage, he knows you're also hurt and then take you for granted. If you know the relationship is not any good for you? Then move on! We all have to take that step sooner or later but dont wait too long because when you do it's going to be hard.

Happiness! Nothing beats seeing/knowing you're happy with someone. They joy it brings!! A fact: You cant be happy all the time because there are going to be arguments in every relationship and that moment you're not happy. It happens! Thats just something that is inevitable however, try to avoid arguments. You love him/her so why not break the ice and apologise? Rather than "fronting"? That's one thing this our generation have, fronting! (i.e always waiting for the other person to make the move) Quit it! Life is too short to wait for the next person to make the move YOU have to make that move. Thats one thing I learnt, whenever I'm having a quarrel and I can see it's going to lead to a huge argument I most times stop it and just apologise (whether i'm at fault or not) and its not easy I tell you. The thing about this is you all are happy again and that's all that matters.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Communication and Trust

Okay! This is my own view on Relationship.

We all know the key factors to a good relationship: Communication and Trust which happens to be the most important factors. However, for me and maybe some others Forgiveness, Laughter, Happiness and Fun also helps in a relationship. I'm sure most of you are wondering what I meant by fun, I'll explain that to you in my next few posts.
Before I carry on just want to let you know this is based upon my knowledge and opinion. So Communication, well as you all know communication does play an important role in a relationship without communication there's no foundation. Communication lays the foundation (especially with long distances) which then leads to Trust which is the solid foundation. You need to be able to call each other at least check up on each other. It eases stress and worries. 

Now Trust, trust for me is the most difficult thing in a relationship. You dont just earn trust like that, it takes more than "I love you". Also, trust can take time to build up so whenever you start a relationship dont just expect the other party to give you their trust just like that. 3 or 4 months may not even be enough to earn that trust. You need to know the person you're dealing with and i'll say this it is NOT every girl or guy you meet or have "something or a thing" with that you need to be open with. Girls I understand how we are, we are too loose always ready to give in but you have to learn how to control yourself before one of you gets hurt and you wonder why we end up in that way cause we don't know how to control ourselves. I'm not going to stress on this probably in my next few posts. Back to the matter.

If you've got the patience to wait then this would help if not you should probably learn how to do that first before starting a relationship. So, if the other party tells you something you have to listen to and trust the person even though he/she might be lying (i'll explain).
Or would you rather want someone else come and run it for you? I thought so! Let me now explain, with trust you have to be willing to take the risk of whether or not the other party is lying. If he or she says whatever it is they have to say believe it. I know most you want to know the truth but at the same time that same truth hurts.