Thursday, 29 August 2013

A little Trick For the Ladies

Hello Ladies, I am here with a trick that might be useful. Well a friend of mine suggested this and it got me thinking and had my own ideas on this so here it is.

Okay! First of all, we know how guys are! I mean, we do our best and yet they are just not satisfied. Well, this trick of mine is only applicable if you are sure that your man loves and clearly can't do without you even though he makes silly mistakes. (We are human.. it's bound to happen) It may also apply to some of you that have got problems with your man and other girls around him.

Here it is.....

So, you hear something about your man and a woman. We (Ladies) always know the truth to this sort of situation and of course you want to give him a chance to be a better person. Right? This is what is going to happen.

You're going to act like everything is okay. Wear that sexy lingerie he always likes or what you know would turn him on, make your hair just the way he likes it and above all you have got to look sexy knowing that when he sees you, he knows what he will be losing if he continues to misbehave. So, you set the mood just perfect, prepare his favourite meal, play that slow music...etc. Of course he is going to be wondering why you are doing this but just act natural and just tell him the things he wants to hear. For example, you felt like doing this cause you know he'll love it, or just to make him happy or how much he means to you and just want him to know that.. or something along those lines. Ladies you know how you do with this sort of things! lol.
Anyway.. so, when you have finally got him at his balls ( not literally.. like when you've got him all wanting you and all) then you slowly whisper the question you want to ask about that girl or woman. He will probably try and be like "babe why do you want to ruin this perfect night..." or probably ignore it. Well, you let that go for the mean time but will definitely bring it back. When you ask the question again, don't be angry about it just go with the flow. Now ladies, with this sort of thing, you have to be able to forgive him regardless. The idea is that you want him to know that you have forgiven him and would give him another chance to be better but if he decides to leave all these (which I doubt he would.. ) and get back to his behaviour you are done with him. So, whatever it is you hear at this point you have to be ready. May not be good. I mean no guy in his right senses would want to leave all these you've done and still wants to misbehave. Except, he didn't care about you or liked/loved you in the first place. Like I said you have to be sure he does before you do this trick.

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